Every penny earned from this store, we invest into the Server's growth and maintenance fees. As a thank you for your generous contribution, we return you with unique and captivating ranks and perks that enhance your day-to-day gameplay on our Server. Thank you for choosing to donate to SkyUnity, as it really is a massive feat to ensure we can keep the server online, so every contribution really warms our hearts.


Refund Policy

We have a very simple policy regarding refunds. You have a 12-hour window to request a refund of anything purchased at this store. To obtain a refund, please send an e-mail to skyunitymc@gmail.com with your Transaction ID (found in PayPal), your In-Game Name and the Package you purchased. Alternatively, you can make a Donation request on our Discord, in #donations.


If you initiate a chargeback inside or outside of this window, we will not tolerate this. You will be banned from our network permanently. If you do attempt to bypass this barrier we have placed to ensure the protection of our players, we will contact the appropriate authorities. 

Other Information

After purchasing a package, please allow up to 15 minutes for your package to arrive. If you are using e-cheque, please allow up to seven days. This is completely out of our control and nothing can really be done to speed up the process. 

If you have any other issues or queries, we have multiple ways for you to contact us:

  • > Support E-Mail: skyunitymc@gmail.com
  • > Discord: discord.skyunity.org
  • > Twitter: @SkyUnityMC